Privacy Statement

Your Privacy on this website

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of any information that may be obtained. This page outlines the information is recorded by and how that information is used. The information we collect are for statistics only. It will never be exported, given away or sold at any time.


Web server logs.

Yup we have them. What do we do with them? We run statistics! Everyone knows I love to run logs and see what people are doing. The statistics package tracks statistics on browsers/browser versions, operating systems/version, and pages viewed, and does so solely to assist in the administrative chores of the (like make it work) These will never be exported, given away or sold at any time. How we use (the little) information we do obtain, is to decide how to design the website. This information has been used in deciding which web browser we will design towards/target when developing java scripts, cascading style sheets and the overall page layout.   How others use your information.   Affiliates accessed through links (or ads) on  may collect additional information beyond that collected by us. In clicking an affiliate link from the site, the URL passed essentially only contains the product code or page of interest, and the site ID assigned to you when joining the affiliate program. No information that has obtained is passed to anyone you link to from our site. However, the information collected by affiliates, and how that information is used, is governed by respective privacy statements and outside the governance of our website.

Active X? Custom controls?

Visitors to a web site rightfully expect that there will be no hidden, nefarious actions taking place behind-the-scenes. believes this belief is warranted given the number of communication activities a complex site performs between the browser and the server in order to deliver content and to provide a comfortable user experience. Therefore, to set the record straight, this is a listing of the behind-the-scenes code executing when you visit a page. First, we do not use any ActiveX controls, Java controls or utilities, nor does it use any goofy scripting libraries such as the FSO – there is simply no need. We present straight up html to your browser via raw html, php or asp.

Mmm …. Cookies *burp*

We do use cookies. Why? Because it allows us to keep track of where you are at on the website and allows your experience with to be more pleasant. does make use of rather small JavaScript routines to provide several UI features: to provide standard browser detection, to provide the rotating Sponsors ads, to provide rollovers for each page’s topical menu items, to customize slightly the width of the navigation frames to accommodate Netscape’s different offset handling over IE, JavaScript code may be contained within a given page, and can be seen by viewing source. Frequently-used Javascript routines are delivered to the user’s temporary internet folder as separate .js files in order to increase performance for the visitor. 99% of the code that runs this site is PHP/Active server pages based, most of the work is done on the server before it ever reaches your browser.

Your User information.

Your information is *never* shared or provided to anyone other than what is available via the pages. Well, that is true unless someone looks at the server wrong, tries to hack it, break it, steal it, then, we will turn over to the necessary law enforcement people.