Dancing Ghost Ring

This Dancing Ghost Ring can be made as follows:



6- Sheets (we used Queen size)

3- 1″X2″ boards (each 8′ long) (PVC pipe can be used in place of the boards)

Plastic Sacks, Newspapers, Black Paint or Marker, Black Thread or non reflective Fishing Line.

Place bag on top (not pointed end) of stick. Secure bag at “neck” to board with tape (masking/duct/any).

Place sheet over bag & board. Center of sheet should be top of head and hang equally on sides. Tie at neck with a little string or fishing line.

Get a feel for the size of the circle you will have (depends upon sheet and tree size). Gently drive stakes (boards) into ground with hammer. You may have to move them so don’t drive in deep yet. It’s ok to pound stakes thru sheet.

As in the photos, tie ends of sheets together.  Attach a piece of black thread to where ghost “hands” meet. Tie other end of thread directly above hands to a tree branch. This will keep them off the ground and give the effect you want.

Place next ghost and continue until all are done and circle is right size and look. Move ghosts in or out to get the look you want.

Secure stakes (deeper) if you have not already done so. (If you have used PVC pipe you can use short pieces of rebar to support the PVC.)