Build your own Cemetery Fence

This project will explain how to build some very realistic cemetery fence for your graveyard or just to keep your guests from walking into places you don’t want them to. This project is for building a 4 ft section of fence.


1. 22 ft. of 3/4 inch PVC pipe (they usually come in 10 ft. pieces)

2. 8 ft. of 1 X 1 wood strapping

3. Box of 1-1/4 long wood screws

4. Triangle points for the top of the fence made out of plastic corrugated cardboard

5. Black flat spray paint

Cut the PVC pipe in to certain lengths. You want to cut 2 of each of the following lengths.

PVC pipe lengths

2 X 36 inch 2 X 34 inch 2 X 32 inch 2 X 30 inch

Once you have all the pieces of pipe cut you need to attach them to the 2 pieces of wood strapping. You want to screw the pipe into the wood every 6 inches on center. But you want the 2 pieces of wood to be 3 inches from the bottom of the fence and the top piece of wood 3 inches below the shortest piece of pipe. Start the first pipe in 3 inches from the edge of the wood. You can pre-drill the holes in the PVC pipe to make it easier. You want to screw into the wood first, and then screw into the pipe. Take a look at the picture below for some guidance..


The points that go on the top of each rod can be made by cutting out some triangles from a sheet of plastic corrugated card board which you can pick up at a craft store. You can also use fake top point by getting them from a fence company in your area or buy them online.

Paint the finish fence black and you can also add some gray and red spray paint on some parts of the fence to give a rusty look. There are some pictures below showing a piece of fencing.