We are done for the night.

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We dried up around 9pm.

Man did we have a turn out!  I would guess some where in the neighborhood of 600-700 ToTrs!  They started to trickle in around 5:30pm, then BAM!  Constant stream until about 8:30.

We went through 5 x 6lb bags of candy, almost ran out. We have about 10 pieces left.

The show was awesome, the lights/sounds were spectacular.   Our play list for this year was:
Mansion In The Mist.mp3
Forgotten Path.mp3
Lurking Fear.mp3
Night Creatures.mp3
Something Wicked.mp3
The Ghost of John (Dead Composers Version) Kristen Lawrence.mp3
Disneys The Haunted Mansion.mp3

Fog machines sucked due to bad fog juice, should have gotten some froggies fog juice, but instead I used King supers brand which sucked.  Our neighbor was producing more fog from his ‘walmart’ fogger than all 4 of mine combined.  Aw well live and learn.  Next year.

Other than the fog though, it was a awesome turn out.   Had one peetality!  Yey! us! After my son jumped out from behind the coffin and scare a teen aged girl.  I over heard them as she was clutching herself and making her way to the car that she had an ‘accident’ in her pants.

Gotta love that!

Many many complements and lots of laughs from the parents watching their kids get scared.

Loved it.

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Here are some shots from the night.  Look for the rest in the Haunt section… (later I am tired and not posting them right now)

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